Since 2011, Blue Dream has been open in New Orleans selling quality goods at honest prices. We travel far and wide to bring you top shelf vintage clothing and objects. Our mission is to provide fashion and material culture that is recycled or produced in the right way and on a small scale. Our shop supports independent designers and artists, including lots of amazing New Orleans makers. 

We believe in brick and mortar for many practical and spiritual reasons: Customers should experience the neighborhood where a store is, talk to the people they are supporting, touch the objects, feel the weight of the fabrics. You should ask questions, smell the smells and try clothes on just for fun. We’ve worked to create spaces that invite you to linger and peruse, where you run into friends, and are reminded of why New Orleans is such a special city. 

Alas... since we can’t share space with you right now, we're putting our collection online. We’re starting with our locally made goods and original products and will be adding vintage every week.

We can’t wait to be close with you again!