Hazeltine Wick Trimmers

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Keeping your wicks trimmed short is the best way to ensure candles burn slowly and evenly. Incorporate these sleek wick trimming scissors into your candle-burning ritual to optimize the scent experience and look like a fancy candle pro. 

  • Trim your wicks before each burn, and try to keep the exposed wick shorter than 1/4" at all times.
  • Made of matte black metal and engraved with the Hazeltine logo.
  • Trimmers come in a reversible, reusable cloth bag made of vintage fabric remnants. Fabrics will vary. 
  • People ask all the time why it's important to trim wicks: it's because you want to keep the flame and its heat as close to the wax as possible. When a wick gets too long, the flame tends to bounce around and create unnecessary smoke and soot, the candle can burn unevenly, and the glass can get overly hot. Trimming the wick just keeps everything controlled and neat. The more you know!