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The Bira Box by RadioRPL is a handmade music box that plays loops of minimalist music. It features elegant, vintage inspired design and over 40 minutes of relaxing music by Rich Levinson.

The box plays one of five songs, selected by a knob, in a loop. The music was composed so one box would be complete on its own, but many boxes can be played together and the music will be harmonious no matter what loops are playing and when they started in relation to one another.

RadioRPL was started in 2013 by musician and electronic tinkerer Rich Levinson. The music on the Bira Box was created by collaging and manipulating loops of traditional music from Zimbabwe played on the vibraphone. Rich designed the enclosures and electronics and he also solders and assembles the boxes in his apartment.

The enclosures and electronics are designed and made in New York City.